Chatting with Kevin McAdams

I discovered the Elefant rather late. I admit it. But who can tell when it’s too late or too soon? And why is it late when it comes to music? Anyway, I always believed in what people call the right timing. Every single band came into my life when it should. And left the same way. It has happened many times. The same with Elefant. Obviously their light, their glamour, the 70’s feel, their sassiness and their melodic pop tunes had to be on hold for a little longer. Until last April. Upbeat songs, wild on stage plus a sexy front man who reminds me a lot of the icons we worshiped when we were little, like Mark Bolan, Iggy, Robert Plant. Need something more? A new album perhaps? Cooomiiiiing……

Kevin’s solo album
I'd say the record consists of energetic melodic pop tunes with twists and turns from both the instruments and lyrics.
The melodies can be sunny at times. The lyrics add the edge, but I like to leave plenty of room for interpretation, allowing the songs to take on a life of their own for anyone listening.

On the title of the solo album (Its Time to Lose my Mind)
It's always time, "to lose your mind". Basically, if you think for yourself, you're defined as crazy. Nothing scares people more than folks who think for themselves.

Music on line and musician’s tasks

Definitely, it's more work, but more rewarding. It depends on what you're looking to get out of it? I am very particular about every decision related to my music, so for me it's ideal.

Quite honestly, though, given the industry, most musicians really don't have a choice. You have to use both sides of your brain. Overall, I think it's good because it forces musicians to take ownership.

Everything comes full circle. My earliest music memories affect me most today. Old Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, ELO, David Bowie, Stevie Wonder, Prince, and the list goes on. Lots of late-60's/70's melodic rock. On a sidenote, I played a lot of speed metal as a teenager. For me, that style of music is all about taking chances and trying new things for the sake of it. I still love that mindset.

Multitasking on projects, new album with Elefant. Too much to do
It sounds like more than it is. These projects are not active 100% of the time, so when one project gets quiet another one picks up. It's a fun way to enjoy music and stay sharp.

Typical day of Kevin’s life
I can't really say. It changes daily, which for me is great. I will say I think it's extremely important to get up from your desk or computer and get outside, even if for 5 minutes. People and weather never go out of style.

New York and “Sex and the City”. Beautiful women, alcohol, drugs, fast relationships, fashion. True or false?
Sure, there's plenty of truth there, that's part of the attraction. Overall, I can't say the effects of "Sex and the City" and
"Tabloid/Reality" have been good for culture and the arts. Everything gets pre-packaged and watered down. There are cycles in anything, though, so I am hopeful.

Sex, drugs, rock’n’roll
Everyone loves a good myth. Keith Richards is practically immortal. It's amazing. However you get from one day to the next is a triumph.

My inspiration is the subtle glory and pitfalls of everyday life. We're funny creatures and life is short. You can make a point without taking everything too seriously.

I like to vote, but I don't wave a flag for any particular ideology. I can't say I'm a fan of organized fun. Some of my songs are protest songs, but they're not about a specific war or event. They're about more subtle everyday things. Seinfeld Protest music, if you like.

Does Diego still think he’s Iggy Pop?
I hope so. Our pre-Sunlight shows were pretty insane. We should go back to that. I can't think of a better frontman to emulate than Iggy. Pure energy in human form.

Third Elefant album. Touring. Is Greece included?
Yes, Greece is beautiful! Let's make it happen.

At this point, I am guessing sometime in early 2010? I would say any touring would start around the release of the record.

Growing old
I refuse to age gracefully, but wisdom comes in handy.

First things first. I wake up with the
… thought of coffee. There really isn't a good enough reason to get out of bed. It's a pretty great place. John Lennon was right. Stay in bed!

I admire
… bands who know when to breakup. The Beatles and The Clash, arguably the two best bands of all time. Maybe we'll get it right someday?

Best crowd ever. Live performances or rehearsals?
We've had some really fun shows in Los Angeles, Mexico City, and Buenos Aires. Playing live is great, and so is making records. A healthy balance is ideal.

If my life was a movie it would be….
..ideally, Trading Places, especially the end.

I read …
Private Parts by Howard Stern

10 years after I will be …
drinking champagne everyday in a whirlpool bath? A tree farmer? Finally building my little inventions? I can't really say, I'll just have to get there.

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